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Sweet Songs Collection no. 12: Veterans For Peace

There are perhaps no more convincing arguments for peace than those made by the soldiers who have been on the front lines.

Veterans For Peace is a global organization of Military Veterans and allies working to build a culture of peace. Uniquely qualified by their experiences, they share their knowledge of the true causes and enormous costs of war. Founded in 1985 by 10 U.S. veterans in response to the global nuclear arms race and U.S. military interventions in Central America, the organisation now has over 140 chapters worldwide. Continue reading “Sweet Songs Collection no. 12: Veterans For Peace”

Choice and Change: The Courage to Become

Have you ever had a strong sense that you were due for a change but found yourself resisting? Life suddenly felt wrong. You didn’t know what you wanted, only that you no longer wanted what you had. Maybe making a change meant the most frightening thing of all: letting go of a role that defined you. Under such circumstances, most of us hang on until the change is made for us. There is no shame in this. Listening to the still, small voice is heroic work. Continue reading “Choice and Change: The Courage to Become”

Sweet Songs Collection: Sharing Ideas and Solutions

We want a fair and joyful world and we intend to make it so.

Today I am excited to inaugurate the Sweet Songs page. Every week, it will provide a link to a post from someone who has addressed an important issue, stretched boundaries, provided perspective, insight or solutions – in other words, someone who has gone up the mountain and come back down again with something to share. Continue reading “Sweet Songs Collection: Sharing Ideas and Solutions”

Up the mountain and down again

CHILD:     “Why must we scale the mountain?”

WOMAN:  “Because it is in our path.”

CHILD:      “Will the climb be difficult?”

WOMAN:  “At times grassy and fair, at times icy and treacherous. We will only know as we go.”

CHILD:     “What is at the top?”

WOMAN:  “All we may know and clearly see, but only once all clouds are dispelled.”

CHILD:      “And what then?”

WOMAN:  “Then we may sing as we come down the other side and share what we have seen.”

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