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Sweet Songs Collection no. 9: Words of Peace

The power of one

In the wake of the attacks on Paris, several individuals have stepped up to take a stand for peace and brotherhood, emphasizing the surprising influence one person can have on perceptions and attitudes.

Words of Peace is an independent charitable foundation set up by people who were inspired by  Prem Rawat, a man who has been sharing his message of peace for over five decades. The organisation provides access to materials and supports Mr. Rawat’s work. In 2014, over one million people heard him at live events as he toured over 40 cities and visited 16 countries.

For more on Words of Peace, click here

Sweet Songs Collection no. 8: Post-Attacks, November 2015

My kind of people in my kind of town. Today I am a proud Montrealer.

Sweet Songs Collection no. 7: Peace Direct

Founded by Dr Scilla Elworthy in 2002, Peace Direct is an award-winning, international NGO that finds, funds and amplifies the voice of local peace builders operating in some of the most challenging conflict environments worldwide.

With offices in the UK and the US, the organisation runs 10 partner programs in 8 countries and is the force behind Insight on Conflict, an online local peacebuilding resource with up-to-date reports on current conflicts and listings of local peace organisations.

Peace Direct programs support grassroot peacebuilders working to disarm rebels, resettle refugees, heal communities and revive economies.

For a quick video featuring founder Dr Elworthy, please see the Sweet Songs page here.


Sweet Songs Collection no. 6: TRANSCEND International

Founded in 1993 by Johan Galtung and Fumiko Nishimura, TRANSCEND International is a worldwide conflict mediation organization that brings together more than 400 scholars and practitioners through its electronic network. The organization:

  • offers online courses and on-site training programs;
  • publishes and sells books, textbooks and articles;
  • conducts research; and
  • offers mediation, conciliation and peace-building services.

For more information on Transcend International, click here.
For a short video featuring Johan Galtung on Solutions in Conflict Transformation, please see the Sweet Songs page here.

Sweet Songs Collection no. 5: Peace Geeks

Founded in 2010 by Renée Black and Soudeh Jamshidian, PeaceGeeks is an NGO based in Vancouver, BC. It works with grassroots organizations dedicated to promoting peace, accountability and human rights. It provides the technological, communications and management tools these organizations need to increase their efficiency, maximize their impact and be seen and heard on important issues. Continue reading “Sweet Songs Collection no. 5: Peace Geeks”

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