Sometimes the most difficult challenge is to see past our blind spots in order to identify the behaviours that get us in trouble so that we can do something about them.
This song features one of my favorite solos of all time: a sizzling few bars of violin, by Chris Crilly.


“There is no moral validity to any part of any law whose purpose is to train people to kill one another.” (Suppose They Gave A War And Nobody Came, Charlotte E. Keyes, McCall’s, October 1966)


Produced in collaboration with Christopher Crilly, with sound engineer Geoff Mitchell at the controls, Suzanne Ungar on bass, the magical David Gossage on flute, and yours truly on guitar and vocals.

It can take a long time to get over betrayal and loss. But one can gain in wisdom with the fading illusion of romantic love. This is a virtual hug for anyone struggling with a broken heart. May it remind you that hearts do heal.


The track above was recorded at Silent Sound Studios and features Suzanne Ungar on piano. Vocal track is yours truly. The song is, as is usual for me, a question. It addresses faith and closes with one possible answer. I hope you enjoy it.