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The Sands Of Time

by Hélène Montpetit

In youth, chase the twin soul who knows nothing of quitting love and whose heart-fluttering appeal eternally feeds passion.

Chase the work that grows talent and ability, in which recognition and appreciation walk hand in hand with prosperity.

Chase the place where all live in love and light, ô sweet Utopia.

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Do you take life seriously?

by Hélène Montpetit

Life is

serious business

ask anyone

who has come close

to losing it

whose expected lifespan

is no longer

measured in decades

who hasn’t yet

heard the punch line


This post inspired by Patricia’s Place “Do not take life…” for October 28th, 2015.
“Do not take life too seriously. 
You will never get out of it alive.”
Elbert Hubbard

How about you? How seriously do you take your life?

The most important thing in the world

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Too many walls

by Hélène Montpetit

With too many wounds
open and bleeding
I sought your warmth
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The Goddess at Dusk

You ask how I can see

beauty in your weathered face? Continue reading “The Goddess at Dusk”

The key to everything


The key to everything is

a minor mystery. Accordingly, Continue reading “The key to everything”

Up the mountain and down again

CHILD:     “Why must we scale the mountain?”

WOMAN:  “Because it is in our path.”

CHILD:      “Will the climb be difficult?”

WOMAN:  “At times grassy and fair, at times icy and treacherous. We will only know as we go.”

CHILD:     “What is at the top?”

WOMAN:  “All we may know and clearly see, but only once all clouds are dispelled.”

CHILD:      “And what then?”

WOMAN:  “Then we may sing as we come down the other side and share what we have seen.”

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Don’t take in refugees

Don’t take in refugees.
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