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Choice and Change: Proactive Remembrance

Few now dispute the importance of fostering world peace. Unfortunately, many still think of this as a utopian dream. On this day of Remembrance, it seems fitting to highlight the progress made toward actually realizing this dream. While it outlines the work of one organization in particular, this article is dedicated to everyone currently working to find alternatives to war. Continue reading “Choice and Change: Proactive Remembrance”

Sweet Songs Collection no. 6: TRANSCEND International

Founded in 1993 by Johan Galtung and Fumiko Nishimura, TRANSCEND International is a worldwide conflict mediation organization that brings together more than 400 scholars and practitioners through its electronic network. The organization:

  • offers online courses and on-site training programs;
  • publishes and sells books, textbooks and articles;
  • conducts research; and
  • offers mediation, conciliation and peace-building services.

For more information on Transcend International, click here.
For a short video featuring Johan Galtung on Solutions in Conflict Transformation, please see the Sweet Songs page here.

Sweet Songs Collection no. 5: Peace Geeks

Founded in 2010 by Renée Black and Soudeh Jamshidian, PeaceGeeks is an NGO based in Vancouver, BC. It works with grassroots organizations dedicated to promoting peace, accountability and human rights. It provides the technological, communications and management tools these organizations need to increase their efficiency, maximize their impact and be seen and heard on important issues. Continue reading “Sweet Songs Collection no. 5: Peace Geeks”

Sweet Songs Collection no. 4: Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace fosters personal and interpersonal transformation in teens affected by conflict. An initiative of John Wallach, an American journalist, author and editor, the organization was founded in 1993 as a summer camp where children from opposite sides of conflict could get to know each other. As they share time together, the youngsters’ attitudes and perceptions change and they begin to respect and empathize with their peers. Leadership programs are then available in their communities to support their growth as peace builders.

There are now over 6,000 Seeds of Peace alumni uniquely positioned to lead change throughout the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and the United States.

For a short video introduction to Seeds of Peace, please see the Sweet Songs page here.

To access the Seeds of Peace website, click here.

Sweet Songs Collection no. 3: Vision of Humanity

Vision of Humanity is an initiative of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), the world’s leading think tank on quantifying the economic value of peace. Taking the notion of peace out of the spheres of philosophy and spirituality, the Institute grounds it in numbers that provide a strategic approach and make possible the development and implementation of practical solutions. Continue reading “Sweet Songs Collection no. 3: Vision of Humanity”

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