Founded by a group of university friends in the U.S. along with author Bill McKibben, got its name from the number indicating the highest safe level of carbon dioxyde that can be tolerated in the earth’s atmosphere.

The organization sees climate change as a power issue and works to counter the influence of the fossil fuel industry. Its mission is to inspire, train and mobilize people.

Its three main goals are to:

1. Keep carbon in the ground.

2. Help build a new, more equitable low-carbon economy.

3. Pressure governments into limiting emissions.

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The organization functions largely through local groups. To see if one has been started in your area, click here.

Looking for inspiration to start doing something about climate change? See Disruption, a film produced by PF Pictures that takes an unflinching look at the devastating consequences of inaction on climate change and that takes us behind-the-scenes of the efforts to organize the largest climate rally in the history of the planet during the UN world climate summit. To see Disruption, please click here.

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