The Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN) is an initiative launched and incubated by UnLtd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs in the UK.

Its member organizations supported 2600 projects worldwide in 2015.

The Global Social Entrepreneurship Network:

  • respects each community’s process in finding its own path;
  • is committed to the ideal of equal opportunity for all;
  • exists to foster the sharing of methods, tools and results as a means of improving approaches;
  • puts people at the heart of its activities, supporting them in their ideas;
  • reaches out to those who can tackle key issues;
  • believes that people in communities which face problems are most likely to create the most relevant solutions.


Different types of members, different kinds of support

GSEN members can be found all over the world.

Skills-centred members support the development of skill sets.

Tailor-made members adopt an individual approach, providing each entrepreneur with a support programme specifically developed around her/his needs.

Theme-focused members provide support for social entrepreneurs tackling a particular issue or selected from an underserved group (youth, women, or the elderly).

Investment readiness members focus on getting early-stage social entrepreneurs and their ventures to the point where others are prepared to invest.

Space—some members support through providing space. These members encourage peer support through shared space but their services are often accompanied by support programmes as well.

Ecosystem—Larger member organizations are hybrid hubs and provide comprehensive support programmes.

For more information on the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network and to find a member organization in your area, click here.

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