by Hélène Montpetit

I got an eye-opening letter from David of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation this morning. He conveyed slightly alarming information to the effect that the leaders of nine nuclear-armed countries are now in a position to activate close to 2,000 nuclear weapons.

David says his organization plans to continue helping Marshall Islanders hold the nuclear-armed nations accountable. He also wants to get to work educating over 5,000 people so they can be a force for change in the areas of peace and social justice. Finally, he wants to keep sending thousands of advocacy messages to key decision makers on nuclear issues.

In this sobering missive, David also writes that the US intends to spend $1 trillion modernizing its nuclear arsenal. Can you imagine what progress could be made if that kind of money was spent on things like mental health, housing or sustainable development? Well, it just so happens that today I also heard Rob Hopkins of the Transition Network. He was speaking in a teleconference organized by Transition US during which he told us what grassroots organizations are doing around the globe. Without blinking, Rob can come up with at least 21 better ways to spend a trillion dollars.

David and Rob got me thinking. I write a good game, but I haven’t done much yet to walk the talk. I don’t fault myself too much: not all of us can be in the trenches doing the work, but odds are we can do a little more to support the efforts of those who are.

Nuclear weapons are an aberration that should be abolished and no one should be able to profit in any way from anything to do with them. Accordingly, this year I am publicly supporting the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation in its bid to obtain donations to further its various projects. Please consider contributing what you can, maybe by giving the peacenik on your list the gift of your donation.

To get further acquainted with the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, go to our Sweet Songs page here or to their website here.

Thank you for your time and consideration.