One Community Global is a non-profit, open source organisation engaged in creating blueprints for sustainable living.

An incredibly ambitious endeavour, it encompasses all the elements that make up community: food, lodging, energy, education, community/societal models and economics. It definitely goes on my list of most admired projects.

Volunteers are currently at work designing seven model cities using various building techniques (earthbag, straw bale, tree house, etc.). The cities are designed for self-sufficiency, sustainability and ease of duplication. They are intended to be built in different countries all over the world to act as teaching and development demos.

For a quick video introduction, please see the Sweet Songs page here. Click on their name above to access detailed information on their website. (Warning: a lot has been documented over their 5 years. The site is loaded!)

I would love to hear what you think about One Community’s undertaking:

Do you believe we need such communities?

If one took root in your area, how likely would you be to move in?

Would you initiate a project in your area?