Don’t take in refugees.
Stop war.

Don’t take in refugees.
Turn gutted cities
Into modern wonders.

Don’t take in refugees.
Make dried out deserts
Into luscious gardens.

Don’t take in refugees,
Stop ruining their homes
to begin with.


The world has the knowledge, technology and resources to safely house and feed everyone. Why are we not doing it?

The number of refugees of concern to UNHCR stood at 13 million in mid-2014, up from a year earlier.

“Every month, the equivalent of a San Diego joins the surplus army of the dispossessed. In 2014 alone, 14 million people became refugees. More than half of all refugees are under the age of 18. I can’t think of better way to prepare the next generation of angry, anti-state terrorists.” John Feffer
Source: Refugee World, LobeLog, by John Feffer