As a writer, editor and occasional translator, I am passionate about words and ideas. Although this site was first set-up to showcase my writing to potential employers, I found a blog naturally growing out of it as I wrote about issues that mattered to me. Issues like choice and change and twisted corporate values and war and the mess it makes of people’s lives.

Since I have a zillion questions begging to be answered, I intend to continue blogging. I have questions about alternate lifestyles and housing and clean energy production and minimalism. Questions on how to grow gracefully into a wise and gracious elder, on parenting adults and on being a long-distance grand-parent. Questions about how to develop a social circle, how to make a difference in the world before leaving it and how to turn old dreams into realities before going to see what comes after this.

I want to discuss issues with you so we may wend our way toward answers. I want to inspire, challenge, and persuade you. I want you to inspire, challenge and persuade me. I want to listen and I want to be heard.

Welcome and feel free to add your two cents’ worth. I would love to hear from you.